3 Reasons Why Drones Are Real Estate Game-Changers

Have you invested in drone videos and photography for real estate yet? It’s a fact that working with drones elevates your status as an agent or business – according to a recent study, approximately 83% of home sellers prefer to work with agents that are making use of drones!

Furthermore, the study notes that high volume agents use aerial visuals 3.5 times more often than their low volume counterparts. This is likely the reason with about 68% of homes with aerial photography included in listings sell faster too.

Wondering what gives these types of visuals the edge above regular photography? Here are three reasons why drones are real estate game-changers when it comes to videos and photography.


Hassle-free, beautiful outdoor and aerial visuals

Arranging the indoor layout of a listed home can end up being a mad rush to get everything ready for photography – yet, when it comes to drone videos and drone photography, there is almost no prep needed! All you need is to arrange a day and time with a certified, licensed videographer to arrive and record the visuals as per your brief.


Exceptional, accurate drone footage from every angle

Whether you want a full-on panorama-style video of a property, close-up drone shots or an impressive view from above, drone footage allows for so many options to showcase the exterior of your listed property. From hard to reach angles to drone shots showing a property as a whole, the overall look and feel of these visuals are simply amazing.

Another benefit is that with drone footage, you are able to show potential homebuyers the proximity of a home in relation to its neighbours as well as amenities and areas such as schools and parks. It all adds up to the personality and character of the home you are selling and gives it a sense of place.


Quick turnaround time and various drone footage packages to choose from

In real estate, timing is everything, and every minute lost could mean losing a sale too. This is why drone videos and photography is perfectly suited for property marketing: the overall turnaround time for visuals can be as quick as one business day! This means that you can get amazing visuals in a snap without waiting days or even weeks for content to be available.

Added to this, you can choose from various footage packages to suit your needs for a property, such as stills photography only, aerial photos and video, or a twilight aerial photos/video package. It is always a good idea to discuss upfront with the agency you will be working with what will work best with the specific property you have in mind.

Get the competitive edge today with drone videos and photography

With so many benefits attached to drone videos and photography, you cannot afford to not make use of this marketing tool. Reach out to Focused Aerial today and let’s discuss how we can create amazing drone footage for you.