Why Your Real Estate Agency Website Needs 360° Virtual Tours

Did you know that online listed properties that feature virtual home tours get approximately 87% more views? This means that, even before someone has physically visited a property, they have already had an enticing preview and would be more easily convinced to book a viewing and go visit the featured address in person.

Offering 360° virtual tours is one of the best real estate marketing techniques in any real estate agent’s reserve. With the potential to increase sales and grow awareness of your business, it is the hook you need to reel in potential buyers.

Not convinced yet? Here are four more reasons why you should consider 360° video for real estate.


Residential video tours keep potential homebuyers on your website for longer

Posting a “video walkthrough” with a listing could be the difference between people clicking past that particular page, or rather staying due to the interest that this visual element creates. Visitors to your site will be curious to see more and view the video, which, in turn, could create even more interest.

Making use of a qualified real estate photography business to create virtual tour content for you will not only save you time – it will also allow you to have quality content that looks good and converts!


A real estate property video increases your chances of making that sale

A well-produced 360° virtual tour can create desirability and motivate potential buyers to visit a property that they might have otherwise put on their B- or even C-list. Once they’ve seen the virtual interior or 3D-tour of the property on sale, they already have a good idea of what to expect and might already be interested to put in an offer if what they saw on the video reflects the true-life property truthfully.

To maximize the opportunity of your videos to clinch sales, your real estate photography agency can advise which elements to focus on and how to shape your videos into attractive advertising vehicles.


Virtual home tours create awareness of your business and could lead to potential “return visitors”

What exactly do we mean by “return visitors”? In a nutshell, customers that might have seen one of your virtual videos, but felt that the home featured was not what they were looking for. However, because they know that your online listed properties include this added video feature, they will likely return to view more videos as they become available.

For this reason, it is important that each listing that you feature on your website includes a virtual tour, along with your contact details. This creates consistency and aligns with visitors to your website’s expectations of seeing consistent video content throughout your platform.


Residential video tours can be leveraged on social media platforms too

Video is one of the most popular social media formats at the moments. People are more likely to watch an interesting video that they see on their social feed than to read through a long, wordy social media post. And if you provide an optimized video for platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, you could generate leads and enquiries about your properties.

If you are interested in going this route, a qualified, expert agency can assist in helping you create content that is suited for different platforms.

Why wait – start using 360° video tours today. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Make your next listing stand out with a 360° virtual tour. Using the latest technology for real estate marketing will help you get the edge over your competitors, allow you to win more clients and, ultimately, create the opportunity to sell more homes!

Contact us today to discuss options available for video creation – we are ready to create high-quality content for you.